Sunday, March 27, 2011

'Make It Snappy' update!

The other night I was searching my room for an appropriate outfit to wear for the next morning, preferably one that when I have to perform a tragic fall in front of an audience of youngsters for a game of charades, in order to teach them a lesson on serving others, my skirt won't ride up and the kids won't think I'm trying to get them to guess "full moon." Suddenly, I thought to myself, wouldn't it be cool if there was this little dude inside each of our brains that sang songs relating to events taking place in our lives? Like, say you cheated on a test - this little guy in your brain starts singing a terribly sad, depressing song about the consequences that will most likely follow your terrible decision. Pretty awesome, right? And while you're seeing all this, no one else around you can, so when you start screaming and telling that little dude to shut up and stop singing, everyone looks at you like you've gone totally loopy!

I know, I know...get to the point!

Well, I started to write a little tale about some kid who used to have an imaginary friend, Lorenzo, but his evil imaginary brother, Hernando, came seeking revenge on the boy all because Lorenzo had flushed his deck of cards he used to play old maid with down the toilet when they were younger. Also, Hernando hated Go-fish. However, the whole thing just wasn't coming lacked a spark and was genuinely panning out to be quite a boring, pointless mess. Stuck and unwilling to post the thing, I decided to trash it. It's been sometime since I've sat down and even looked at my blog, but with good reason! I haven't exactly been in tip top shape as of late, though I feel incredible as of now. I have recently overcome some nasty food poisoning and now that my mind is fully functioning once more, I feel inspired to add another short story to my blog. It might take me some time in my thinking chair to conjure up something good enough to share, but I'm working on it! Focus is my biggest struggle. Usually, once I get something really good cookin', I get so excited I pace around the house for a while, which proves to be nothing but a big fat waste of time. So, just thought I'd leave an update for now, in case someone out there is reading this! I have not given up on you or dropped dead somewhere!
But I really must go now and get to sittin' on my thinking chair, so ta ta for now!

-- S.S.

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