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I came across this website and it basically lists over 300 writing prompts that are fun, easy ways to get those creative juices flowing! I thought I'd try some of these out and share them here on my blog. So, I picked out 10 out of the almost 400 listed that perked my interest the most and let my fingers do the talking...

1. (13) Write about a weird day in your workplace.

I was working in box office, or as some call it, the fish bowl, on one ordinary day. The place was well past dead. I think it was either a Tuesday or a Wednesday, so of course business wasn't as good as it normally would be on the weekends. I stood there, leaning against the wall in boredom when finally, a man walks up to my register and for once I was actually more than happy to help him.

"Can I help you?" I had asked the man in a friendly fashion.

He didn't say anything for a while, but simply stared blankly at me. I would have been a bit worried if it wasn't for the always reliable, big ol'glass window separating us from each other. Finally, he spoke up, but instead of requiring tickets to get into his desired show, he asked to fill out an application. I had gone to retrieve one for the man and then instructed him to fill it out before leaving the building. Following another uncomfortably long pause, he held up his cell phone and told me some pointless story about how his phone started ringing and he left the theater, tripping over another person's foot in the process. Seriously, that was the end of the story. What's the problem, right? I told him it was okay if he went back in as long as he put his phone on silent and that he could even change seats in order to avoid potential embarrassment. Again, he stared at me with another blank expression, pausing for nearly a whole minute. Finally, he placed his cell phone through the little opening on my station,where I give customers their tickets and hand them back their credit cards and change. That's when I finally understood. He didn't know how to turn off his own cell phone. So, I was kind enough to do it for him and even showed him how to do so himself before passing it back through the opening.

"you just press down and hold this little red button here until the screen goes black." I had said something along those lines.

Yet again, a whole half a minute of nothing but awkward eye contact. Probably the longest 30 seconds of my life. Then, without so much as a thank you, he was off to enjoy the rest of his movie. Yes, without returning his application. I can only imagine that man in an interview setting.

2. (21) Write a letter to the 10 year old child you had been.

Dear Me,

I can almost clearly remember the days when the only thing I ever really worried about were aliens coming through my window at night and drilling nasty holes up my nose. That's probably the reason even today I tend to smash my face into the pillow before drifting off to sleep. I wish you knew how foolish you really look trying to convince your fellow power kids that your coolness deserves to not only be the rainbow princess, but that at night you can also transform into an evil queen who has fallen in love with the villain, Moonlight. Forget that you're already Janitor Woman, the main female butt kicker of the Clean Team. You always wanted all the fame, you greedy thing, you. I guess I really haven't changed that much, because when a certain childhood friend brings up those memories and tries to claim that he had the powers of lightning, I get so angry that it usually ends up leading to a serious fight. I may have decided to trade up my powers to be the rainbow princess/Moonlight's evil queen, but deep down in my heart, I will always be the one and only lightning kid. Also, a little word of advice...because some of your friends are a bit older, the tender age of 12 1/2 might prove quite difficult for you. Some people might try to change the name of the game to Power Teens and that automatically makes you an unqualified member, but be patient! You'll be old enough very soon and you can always go back to playing Time Bubble in the meantime. And remember, the boys might beat you at jump roping, but you dominate on the pogo stick. One thing you might want to work on is being a little nicer. Just because someone new moved into the nighborhood, doesn't mean you should tell them they're not welcome into your nature club. I don't think that's what mother nature would want, do you? Remember this, though...while I look back and consider a lot of the stuff I did to be silly kid nonsense, I secretly wish the time bubble really did exist, because back then I don't think I ever used the excuse, "I'm bored!" I always found a way to make life fun. Never change that about you, little me!

Big you

P.S. - Stop jumping around on old mattresses! You don't know what people have done on those things.

3. (24) Imagine your life is now a book. In 100 words, write the blurb for it.

Samantha is a strange one. She likes to wear high heels while eating chicken wings, she can perform a spot on impression of an angry black man, and takes pride in the fact that her friends tell her she's the beastliest person they know. No, she's not your typical girl, but she's fine with that. Some people might hate her, but they just don't understand. Or at least that's what she told herself. If you are into high levels of action, humor, wacky charm and just the right amount of heart, look no further than "High Heels and Hot Wings"

4. (43) What does "a string of laughter" make you think of?

Well, I have these shoes - Converse All Stars to be specific - that I absolutely love. I'm a big Batman nut, so they are decorated with a "HAHA" pattern with the Joker on the left, outside of the shoe and Batman on the right, inside of the shoe. Yes, I know...pretty hardcore, bad to the bone right there. What can I say, I'm a high roller. Anyway, it comes with three pairs of shoe laces and my favorite one is green and covered with the same "HAHA" pattern as the shoes themselves. So, that's what "a string of laughter" makes me think of. My favorite pair of shoe laces. :)

5. (65) Write about Valentine's day without mentioning these words: Valentine's, cupid, love, roses, flowers, hearts, February.

You know what day I'm talking about...that holiday that takes place on the 14th day of the second month of the year! A day to reflect and show how much you adore your significant other. Just think about how your life has changed since that fat baby with wings shot you in your butt and you saw that special person for the first time. Or maybe you're single and don't even feel the need to celebrate this usually joyous holiday. Don't ever think that way! This is not just a day to show thanks and appreciation to your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend! No, share all of those warm feelings with everyone around you! Strangers, family members, and even yourself! Stop beating yourself up and wishing you had someone there to hold you and give you a box of candy filled with chocolates! Tell yourself how great you are and go out and buy yourself some chocolate! No one will know the difference, after all. Besides, being single is only a temporary state. There's someone out there for you who will come along and make that muscle in your chest beat a little faster. And if this still doesn't make you feel any better, just be grateful it only lasts 24 hours.

Well, this post is already pretty long, so I'll put together part 2 A.S.A.P.!

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